Fort Albany Power Corporation is owned by the Fort Albany First Nation. Incorporated in 1997, the company is the sole licensed distributor of electricity in the community of Fort Albany, Ontario.

Fort Albany Power Corporation is a one third owner of Five Nations Energy Inc. (FNEI), a licensed electricity transmission company. In cooperation with FNEI, Fort Albany Power Corporation has drastically improved the efficiency of the community’s power and overall service levels. As a remote community, Fort Albany has a history of unreliable electricity produced by noisy diesel generators that contributed to air pollution. Recognizing that reliable power delivery is important for sustainable growth, FNEI began the Omushkego Ishkotayo Project in order to connect Moosonee to Fort Albany with efficient transmission lines. The lines reached Fort Albany in 2001, and since then Fort Albany Power Corporation has been distributing safe and efficient power to the community.

Some of our service areas include maintaining local lines, responding to outages, handling customer inquiries, and billing. We focus on ensuring adequate delivery and providing quality, affordable service to our customers.

Fort Albany Board of Directors: