We believe that conservation is a key factor in sustainability. Fort Albany Power Corporation works with our community to help educate and empower customers so they save energy and lower their bills.

As part owner of Five Nations Energy Inc. (FNEI), we also support FNEI’s Conservation Program, which has been running since early 2011 to bring energy conservation measures to the Western James Bay Coast. Learn more about FNEI’s Conservation Program here.

Conservation Tips:

  • Plug your electronics into a power bar so you can easily flip a switch to save the ‘phantom power’ your electronics use when they’re off, but plugged in.
  • When ice builds up in your freezer, it causes the freezer to use more energy. Defrost yours regularly to keep it running efficiently.
  • Wash your laundry in cold water and in full loads (not half!) to maximize efficiency.
  • On sunny winter days, keep you curtains and blinds open to let in the sun’s natural heat.
  • Hang your laundry outside on nice days to save the cost of running your dryer.
  • During the summer, keep your curtains and windows shut during the sunlight hours, and then open your windows when it cools down in the evening.
  • Choose ENERGY STARĀ® appliances that consume less electricity.


To learn more about our Conservation & Demand Management Program, speak to our Coordinator Roxanne Achneepineskum at (705) 278 1137.

Conservation Resources: